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Vacuum drainage system

The vacuum drainage system consists of several individual product groups. The heart of the system is the central pump unit required for generating of the vacuum. The pump unit should be designed and built according to the size of the plant. One advantage of the pump solution is that there is one single central wastewater drainage pipe into the public sewerage system - over large distances if necessary - which can result in considerable savings of the site development costs.

LORO wastewater pipes, which are available commercely, can be used to construct the pipe network. The advantage of vacuum drainage is that it is possible to work with considerably smaller nominal pipe widths (e.g. vacuum toilet connection with DN 40) in all sections. As no gradient is required and the wastewater can be lifted up to a maximum height of 4.5 m, this pipeline system is without comparison in terms of flexibility of planning and design. The properties of the pipeline network also result in considerable cost savings compared to other projects.

With the products and product solutions developed by Vacusatec, the overall system is the answer to all the drainage technology requirements of building construction.

It is possible to connect vacuum wall toilets, vacuum urinals and vacuum wastewater collection units of various sizes as required as an interface for the drainage of all other drainage items such as washstands, floor drains, bathtubs and/or showers, dishwashers or washing machines and open channel drainage plants.




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